For the Federation, and for us.

You've entered the Nexus!

This website serves as a more convenient way for TERA players to sign up for and reserve spots ahead of time for Dreamstorm. Raid leaders include Ascension Valley's Darrastus. Registration link is on the top right corner. Please read the rules if this is your first time applying. Hope to see you there and gain those Vanguard credits!


A new start!

Hello and welcome back!

With the release of information on the new Nexus, called Dreamstorm in NA Tera, I will be restarting the use of this website very soon. In the meantime, I will be updating the schedules and sign-up process appropriately. Can’t wait to see you all there!



The end of the line…

To all TERA players,

Thanks for a wonderful year and a half of leading Nexus! Though it’ll only be a temporary leave, I want to thank everyone who’s ever attended and/or used the website; without your support and desire to do Nexus, these daily raids filled with typos and laughter would never have been possible.
A giant hug and thank you to the raid leaders who have filled in for me in the past: Danny/Eatmyheals, Brittany/Kofuru, and Cedric/Saege. You three have helped me out so much and relieved the stresses of Nexus raiding, and I couldn’t have gone this far without all of your assistance.

Till next time, raiders! Happy Holidays and enjoy your Fate of Arun patch!

Eternally at your service,

Thanks for coming!

Since Fate of Arun patch is coming ever closer, I want to thank everyone’s who’s ever visited and/or used the website. You guys make our Nexus raids possible and I couldn’t do it without your support. Let’s enjoy these last few days of Nexus 🙂

At your service,

A new start!

Hello everyone!

After a few months’ hiatus, I will be resuming the use of this website. Many new and old members have expressed interest in our Nexus runs, so for everyone to be able to get his/her spot, I’ve decided to publicize the website and encourage everyone to reserve 🙂 Hope to see you all there for our Nexus runs!



I’m aware I have been lax in updating the website daily. Once I get used to my school schedule, everything should smooth out 🙂 In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying Britt’s leading and I will try my best to be on for the nighttime ones 🙂

This Coming Weekend

Yet another schedule conflict! I’ll be on a quick vacation throughout the weekend of August 2-3, so I will not be leading any Nexus time slots during that period. Brittany/Anasthesiax has wonderfully volunteered her time again so contact her for Nexus raids.

Start of the School Year

As I am still a student, school starts next Monday for my state. I will not be able to lead the 12PM PST Nexus time slots due to this schedule conflict, and if my workload becomes too much, I may not be able to lead the 7PM PST time slots as well. Let’s hope for the best though and continue to raid with each other.

Schedules for Thursday/Friday

I’ll be volunteering throughout the night for Thursday and Friday and most likely won’t be back till midnight EST, so I won’t be able to lead the 7PM PST Nexus time slots. Danny and Brittany (IGNs listed on welcome message) will still be co-leading though so contact them for the Nexus raid.

Nexus Changes

With the Wounded World patch, Nexus has also been revised. I’ve read the patch notes and will adjust the website to match my leading style accordingly with how players react to each node. I’ll be back in 4 days (5 in case I’m too tired from jetlag) though so the wait is almost over. I hope you all are enjoying the new content in TERA and I can’t wait to see you all again!


Turns out I am leaving tonight actually, so I will not be able to host Friday’s 7PM PST Nexus. I hope you all have a wonderful time both in-game and in real life while I am gone and please treat our new raid leaders well 🙂